98 Year Old Chicago Man Turns $1000 into $2,000,000 and Donates It All

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About 70 years ago, Russ Gremel, 98, bought $1,000 worth of stock in Walgreens. After patiently turning that investment into over $2 million, he has decided to donate all of it.

The 98-year-old Chicagoan never married or had children, so he donated the stock to the Illinois Audubon Society, which is using it to help establish a nearly 400-acre wildlife refuge near Dixon and Amboy that will be dedicated in his name Sunday, reported The Chicago Tribune.

Gremel said he didn’t need the money for himself.

“I’m a very simple man,” said Gremel, “I never let anybody know I had that kind of money.”

Gremel prefers simple oatmeal and stew to “fancy foods,” and his last car was a more than 25-year-old Dodge Omni.

“You have to do some good in this world,” Gremel told the Tribune. “That’s what money is for.”

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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