White Supremacist Schooled By Muslim On “Christian ISIS”

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Qasim Rashid, a lawyer in Washington, D.C., gave a white supremacist and the internet a much-needed history lesson.

Like many American Muslims, Rashid gets harassed online regularly by anti-Muslim douche bags. One of them who was bursting with historical ignorance asked, “Where’s the Christian version of ISIS and every other religion then?”

Rashid had a fairly concise reply showing a long history of terrorism from Christians.

He has received support from Christians for pointing out that every religion has a history and the “followers” of a religion do not always follow the religion.


Before condemning a billion and a half people as violent, fanatic jihadis, it is important to study history.  If someone wants to say all Muslims are violent, then that person should believe that for ALL religions and atheists. But it is better to understand that some people choose violence over what the prophet(s) of their religion taught, and don’t blame an entire religion for the actions of the few.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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