US Approves $2 Billion Missile Sale To UAE

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It looks like the weapons manufacturers win again as the US approves selling weapons to a foreign military known for terrorist actions.

The United Arab Emirates’s recent military decisions include violently ending democratic protests in Bahrain and participating in Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen. There have recently been massive protests against the Saudi Arabian/UAE terrorism against Yemen civilians, including using US supplied chemical weapons. The UAE participated in the terrible crimes that some call a genocide, and now they will be armed with another $2 billion dollars worth of US supplied weapons.

The Pentagon has issued a statement today confirming that the US State Department has signed off on a $2 billion sale of US-made Patriot missiles to the United Arab Emirates, adding to the tiny Gulf nation’s ever-growing military arsenal.

The sale includes 65 PAC-3 interceptors and 100 GEM-T missiles. It is unclear what the UAE intends to do with all these missiles, but the State Department said it is in the “national security” interest of the US to make the sales. Think back to when it is in the national security interests to arm the taliban and ISIS…

That process virtually goes without saying at this point, as for years the US has been signing off on growing sales of arms across the Middle East, and anything but an immediate approval is extremely rare, and usually extremely temporary reported Mint Press News.

The UAE has shown interest in increased military operations abroad in recent years, both regionally and into Africa. Although it is unknown if these particular missiles will be used in these potential invasions (aka terrorist actions).

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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