The FBI Just Raided A Republican Fundraising Firm Outside DC


Source: Resistance Report

The FBI is conducting a search of a fundraising organization that works with the Republican Party in Annapolis, Maryland.

WBAL out of Baltimore is reporting that the FBI is fulfilling a search warrant of the facility. There is no word yet about what investigators are searching for, or whether they have found anything, but the firm itself is known as part of the fundraising apparatus of the Republican Party’s national operations.

The investigation itself is not being run by a local agency, but by the FBI offices out of Washington, according to WBAL.

The firm is notable for being a “pioneering” organization for utilizing technology in political campaigns across the country, according to WBAL’s Jayne Miller.

Again, there is no confirmation about what the FBI is looking for. This is a developing story, and will be updated if more information comes to light.

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