Racist Father Disowns his Daughter For Taking a Black Date to Prom


Those who think that we are living in a post-racial America need not look any further than the following story to know that we are anything but.

For Anna Hayes of Lake Village Arkansas, and many thousands of other teens in the country, this time of year is prom season. Most outsiders looking at photos of herself, and her prom date would not think twice about the happy pairing enjoying this milestone in life. There was however, one spectator who did not appreciate the gesture- Anna’s father, a self proclaimed racist. You see, Anna’s company for the evening was a black teen, and for that her father saw grounds for disownment.

As a means to defend her actions and expose her father as the bigot he is- a friend of Anna’s took to social media and posted the exchange that unfolded once Anna’s father discovered who she took to prom. The story has since gone viral.

As reported by Raw Story:

Anna Hayes hasn’t spent much time with her father since her parents divorced and she moved in with her mother. But she was floored when she heard from her father over the photos, according to BuzzFeed.

“We are done,” her father texted her according to the screen captures posted on Facebook. “I won’t be coming to your graduation. Nor will I pay for your college. Go live with the N***er [sic].”

He went on to admit he’s racist and told her never to contact him again. “Go ahead and be a F*cking w**re leave me out of it. I’m canceling your phone Monday you can’t do this I’m done with you [sic].”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” she told her father.

For the alleged tresspass for befriending for someone whom he deemed to be sub human (despite not knowing any details about the young man), Anna’s father determined that punishment for doing so warranted complete disownment, and cutting of her healthcare.

“Shut the f*ck up you have no right to talk to me anymore,” he continued. “Go live with the F*CKIN N***ers. Your pictures are already off my walls. You can go to hell. What the F*ck is wrong with you? I’m canceling your phone and your insurance we are done. You want to mingle with Subhumans I’ll treat your accordingly.”

Hayes told BuzzFeed that her father had always been openly racist when she was growing up. “But it never really occurred to me what it exactly meant to be racist, when you’re a child you look at the world completely different,” she said on Facebook.

Making matters worse, Anna has a half sister from her mothers side who is biracial, making his comments exponentially more painful.

“He has told me that if I ever dated a black guy that I will and would be dead to him,” she continued. “I stood my ground for what I believe in. He has called me several horrible things before.”

She went on to say that it hurt her because she couldn’t understand how anyone could hate someone they don’t even know simply because of their skin color.

Her friend Phillip was the one who took Anna’s texts and photos and posted them to Twitter, where they’ve been retweeted over 4,000 times.

While it is commendable that Anna has stuck up for the decision she made to take her friend to prom, what was not being considered when the viral posting was created is the pain her friend must have felt to know that contunies to be people in this world who see him in such a light.

With racial tensions and hate crimes higher than they have been in recent memory, coupled by an administration that purports racist and misogynistic ideologies, people like Anna’s father continue to be emboldened to hold these views.

Unfortunately for him however, with the advent of the internet and social media, one can no longer hold these views privately without the potential for being exposed and made to face the social repercussions once they expose who they “really” are.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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