Protesters Converge At White Supremacist Richard Spencer’s Offices After Racist Fliers Found in Alexandria

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White supremacist Richard Spencer became the target of protests over the weekend after racist signs were found in Alexandria, Va.

Spencer became extra famous after being punched in the face during a rally in January.

Protesters gathered outside Spencer’s Virginia offices on Sunday just one day after fliers with messages such as “Stop the blacks” and “You’re losing your country, white man” were found in Alexandria. People have gathered outside Spencer’s Virginia offices pretty regularly in recent month, but Sunday’s gathering was much bigger than usual, reported NBC4.

Protesters held up signs reading “White supremacy not welcome” and “Love not hate.”

On Saturday morning, Alexandria residents woke up to find the problematic fliers stuck on poles and car windows. The images on some of the fliers were the same as those on a white supremacist website that endorses “American fascism.”

“It’s particularly important that we lead the way for our kids,” said one protester, who gave his name only as Allen. “I would like to believe that some of the explicit racism and implicit racism that’s still around here will be a thing of the past in their generation. But if not, we need to teach them to stand up.”

Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg was quick to respond to the racism of the “alt-right” leader. She issued a statement decrying the fliers and emphasizing that the city denounces “hate speech and hate crimes and discrimination in all forms.”

Alexandria police say they are investigating the incident.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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