Police Officer Strikes Protestor in the Face so Hard it Breaks the Baton

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Sequence of photos shows a police officer hitting Mateus Ferreira da Silva in Goiás (Photo: Personal archive / Luiz da Luz)

A sequence of images shows the exact moment when Mateus Ferreira da Silva, 33, was struck in the face with a baton by a military police officer during a demonstration in Goiânia, Brazil.

The photos show that with the force of the blow, the baton used by the cop shatters upon impact. The victim is hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), in serious condition.

Mateus was attacked during a demonstration in Goiânia (Photo: Vitor Santana / G1)

The assault against Mateus occurred in the early afternoon of Friday April 28th, during demonstrations and general strike held in Goiânia. A group of masked men clashed with military police officers when Mateus was hit by the blow and fell to the ground, according to Globo (Portuguese).

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