People Noticed Trump’s Chin Looks Like A Frog, And Now Everyone Is Trolling Him


Source: Resistance Report

Artist Mike Mitchell has a brilliant series posted to his Twitter account of President Trump with a frog on his chin, and now it’s impossible to unsee.

The premise of the series is that Trump appointed a frog to his cabinet, who eventually became the host of “this horrendous meat sack,” and is now in charge of setting policies from his place on Donald Trump’s chin. The frog’s eyes are above Trump’s upper lip, and Trump’s actual chin is his body. When President Trump speaks, it looks as if the frog is croaking.

The frog’s policies are decidedly more progressive than Donald Trump’s, vowing to combat climate change (“We must protect the swamp, I have family there”), stop police brutality, and pass universal healthcare. Upon googling Donald Trump, President Frog was shocked and appalled, promising to do right by America after the damage done by his host.

Mitchell’s artistic renditions of the 45th President of the United States sporting a frog on his chin were so popular that they became a meme on Twitter, with others attempting their own versions of President Frog. Animator Andrew Zakirzyanov even took the time to animate Trump talking with the frog on his chin, creating an image both simultaneously hilarious and disturbing all at once:

Given that President Trump has already made a mockery of the Oval Office with his late-night Twitter tantrums, constant pattern of lying and contradicting himself, and tiptoeing on the precipice of global nuclear war, all we really have left is laughter.

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