GOP Candidate’s Ad Scare Mongers By Showing ISIS Robbing a Suburban Woman’s Home

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If the fear mongering of Muslims by the President wasn’t bad enough, along comes along Bryce Reeves, a candidate for lieutenant governor in Virginia, who has put out a new ad in which “he warns darkly about Islamic State fighters invading suburban Virginia and burglarizing people’s houses.” Muslim Americans are amongst the most likely to be the target of crime, not the perpetrators of crime, and the ad only fans the flams that motivates those who hold Islamophobic values that all Muslims in America are to be feared.

As reported on Raw Story:

Although ISIS doesn’t typically involve itself with burglaries in affluent suburbs, the ad nonetheless depicts two masked terrorists fleeing from a woman’s home in broad daylight carrying bags full of stolen goods. The woman who lives in the house looks on hopelessly with her two children as the two fighters flee the scene in their escape vehicle.

“This is the America Obama left behind,” Reeves says in a voice over. “Terrorists living here, FBI investigating ISIS nationwide, frightening families.”

Reeves also aligns himself on the side of law enforcement, pledging his allegiance to look out not for civilians best interests, but those of the police.

The ad then cuts to Reeves himself, who informs viewers that he will fight both terrorists and sanctuary cities as lieutenant governor. He also touts his own background as a former law enforcement officer who will look out for cops’ best interests.

Watch the video below to view the ad in question? Do you think that this is a true depiction of what is going on in America today? Share you thoughts in the comments below.



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