White NYPD Cops Taunt Black Students With Baton and Taser: ‘Do you want to ride the lightning?’ *VIDEO*

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The problem of police brutality around the nation is a known fact. While it is almost to be expected, what one has come to expect from peace officers is that a certain level of compassion is to be extended to children and their abuse of power surely, does not extend to minors. Unfortunately for anyone who’s held this belief, it is simply a fact that everyone, even our children are fair game for rogue power hungry officers.  In a new viral video capturing two white NYPD officers are seen taunting two black children as they walk down the street.  The video was posted by Associate Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College Alex S. Vitale and “shows two police officers trying to get kids away from the corner of Bedford Avenue and Campus Road on March 16.” Officers intimidated the students with batons and threats of tasering.

As The Grio Reports:

These cops appear to be aggressive with the teens, one of them while holding his police baton.

“What are you going to do about it?” One asked a teen as they walked right behind him.

When one of the students picked up a handful of snow, one of the policemen pulled out his taser and asked, “do you want to ride the lightning?”

You can’t hear what the student said in reply but the cop says, “You better walk away!”

It is unclear if the cops were responding to a call but even if they were, their actions are questionable.

“The whole interaction seemed like an abuse of authority,” said Vitale.

A spokesman for the NYPD has stated that they are aware of the video and the incident is under internal review.

NYPD guidelines clearly state that tasers should generally not be used on children.

Watch the video below to draw your own conclusions. Do you think that the police used abuse of power when handling the situation with these students? Was the situation as reported, or do you think the matter was just blown out of proportion? Join the discussion below.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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