This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others


Unknown by most people in the Western world, Rick Simpson has been instrumental in the fight to get cannabis oil legal and approved.

The health benefits of cannabis oil have been proven so successful it is a crime that it is not already readily available to those it can help.

One advocate of cannabis oil who has fought for its legalisation in Canada is Rick Simpson.

His attempts to legalise it have brought to the publics attention the amazing healing and cancer fighting properties that it holds.

Rick himself has distilled cannabis oil using naphtha, and first brough it to the attention of the town of Maccan, Nova Scotia.

He maintains that someone wishing to use cannabis oil can easily detatch its beneficial use from its criminality.

Rick first started on his cannabis journey after a serious head injury at work, resulting in what he describes as having the sound of a lawnmower in his head.

After prescription drugs didn’t help, and hearing about the benefits of cannabis, he began purchasing and smoking daily.

Even though the cannabis had cured his condition, his doctor warned him against smoking cannabis, so he decided to start growing and distilling the oil himself.

Ricks oil was used by the local community and in one case, cured the manager of the local Royal American Legion branch Rick Dwyer’s father of his ‘terminal’ lung cancer.

Rick has faced legal battles at every point along the way, even with cured cancer patients and doctors to testify.

BigPharma simply won’t allow stories like Rick’s from filtering intot he public conscience, as they hold their monopoly over the drug industry.

Watch Rick’s story below.

How to make your own cannabis oil

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