People are Trolling Trump’s New Anti-Immigrant Hotline with Reports of Space Aliens

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President Trump keeps getting trolled.

Shortly after he was elected and began signing executive orders, the internet had a field day with an image of the president holding a folder containing blank pages. Trolls photoshopped text into the blank pages in the photograph, mocking the newly-inaugurated head of state.

Trump has also been prodded for his inability to adequately describe uranium and his focus on the chocolate cake he ate with China’s president while discussing his strike on Syria.

The latest troll effort aims to inundate the president’s new anti-immigrant hotline with claims of alien sightings. The Hill described the government’s latest tool:

The administration set up the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office on Wednesday, in accordance with President Trump’s executive order in January. The office, folded within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, aims to ‘assist victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens,’ according to the Department of Homeland Security.”

Now that the hotline is operational, Americans who oppose Trump’s hardline immigration policy — and the administration’s reference to undocumented immigrants with the archaic term “aliens” — are fighting back.

One Twitter user, Kyle Lacio, invited others to report sightings of green aliens.

Others took the joke even further, expanding the scope of ‘alien’ to include other mysterious creatures.

Some callers even reported “muggle-borns,” a reference to the Harry Potter book series. Others kept with the outer space theme.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not find the troll calls amusing.

Their actions seek to obstruct and do harm to crime victims; that’s objectively despicable regardless of one’s views on immigration policy,” an ICE official said, as reported by The Hill.

According to Buzzfeed, an ICE spokesperson also said “There are certainly more constructive ways to make one’s opinions heard than to prevent legitimate victims of crime from receiving the information and resources they seek because the lines are tied up by hoax callers.”

As Vice News pointed out, launching the hotline on national Alien Day did little to help ICE’s cause. Rather, it appears to have galvanized opposition to the administration’s efforts.

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