Landmark Case: ‘I Begged for My Son to Be Prescribed Cannabis’

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Source: ITV

For 11-year-old Billy Caldwell, life with a severe form of epilepsy was a constant battle. Suffering over 100 seizures a day, his mother Charlotte was completely at a loss as to how to help her son.

However, when their supply dwindled and they could not afford the travel costs to the USA, Charlotte became desperate once more.

Luckily, one doctor -Dr Brendan O’Hare- stepped in with a lifeline, and made medical history when he prescribed Billy cannabis oil here in the UK.

However, research and desperation led Charlotte to Los Angeles where Billy was prescribed cannabis oil in a bid to control his seizures.

After returning to their home in Northern Ireland, Charlotte says the use of the oil has made a huge difference in reducing Billy’s life threatening fits.

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