Ivanka Starting Her Own Foundation: It’s Accepting Donations From Foreign Governments

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The Trump family has taken a completely different approach than Clinton planned when it comes to conflicts of interest and “donations” from corporations and foreign governments.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the Clinton Foundation pledged that it would stop accepting foreign donations and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton became president, according to Raw Story.

“Should Clinton win the White House in November, the foundation will accept donations only from U.S. citizens and independent charities.”

Now it seems that First Daughter Ivanka Trump is starting her very own foundation that she will operate while working inside the White House, and she’s already securing money from foreign governments.

Axios’s Mike Allen reports that Ivanka Trump has started building a “massive fund” whose goal is to “benefit female entrepreneurs around the globe.” One source even tells Allen that “Canadians, Germans and a few Middle Eastern countries have already made quiet commitments” to the fund, as have “several corporations.”

Allen said that President Donald Trump is a big supporter of Ivanka’s plan, and he says that Trump has already started talking with World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim about how to get the foundation off the ground “in a big way.”

During the campaign last year, President Trump routinely attacked the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Trump has again shown his hypocrisy and his support of 1 rule for him and his family/allies, and another for those he would call enemies.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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