Fox News Host Tries to Insult a Farmer About Keystone Pipeline, and Fails Miserably

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Source: Daily Buzz

90 Nebraska farmers and ranchers are currently trying to block the Keystone XL pipeline. One of them is farmer Art Tanderup.

Tanderup appeared on Fox News Channel this past weekend to defend the position of his group of like-minded landowners in the face of a pundit that was assigned to pull off a hit job.

Pundit Sandra Smith began her interview with a tried-and-true Fox News trick: belittling Tanderup. She mentioned that his land, by comparison to most landowners, was relatively small.

She also made sure to note that the land had been passed down through generations on his wife’s side.

Despite this, Tanderup kept his cool and defended his position in a professional and respectful manner.

His argument? The Keystone XL pipeline should not exist. The extraction of tar sands, and what’s in those sands, is incredibly dangerous to the environment.

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