Farmer Who Can’t Find Workers To Harvest Crops Blames Trump

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Many of us saw this problem coming, but now California farmers are really beginning to feel President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, policies and roundups. For a long time, immigrants have harvested a large portion of our fruit and vegetable crops. Unfortunately, Trump has them too scared to leave their homes for work, so they will suffer, the farmers will suffer, and Americans will suffer for Trump’s racism.

During a first 100 days special on CNN, a reporter spoke with Joel del Boscaya, the son of Mexican migrants. He explained he couldn’t get any workers this year because of Trump’s threats. The problem got even worse after the election when the talk of mass deportations began, and rounds ups were actually happening across the country.

“It makes me nervous,” Boscaya said of Trump’s threats.

Boscaya is unable to find workers because Americans are unwilling to do the hard work of being out in the field all day picking fruits and vegetables.

He went on to say that it affects his bottom line, “because we can grow the crops but not pick them.”

You can watch the short interview with him here.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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