Delta Pilot Punches Woman ‘To Deescalate An Altercation’


Airlines seem to be getting more and more dangerous these days. From passengers being beaten and dragged off planes and handicapped people not being allowed to bring their pre-approved mobility device,  to being kicked off the plane because you had to pee while the plane was sitting still. Now video has been released of a Delta Airlines pilot hitting a woman at the airport.

Below is a 30-second video where two women got into an altercation at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

What began simply as clothes throwing ended up with the women, who knew each other, brawling on the ground. And that’s when a pilot tried to intervene, reported The Root.

The pilot can be seen grabbing one of the women, punching her, and walking away.

According to Delta, that pilot was suspended after they viewed the video, but after an investigation the company concluded the pilot was attempting to deescalate an altercation.

There are many ways to deescalate an altercation, but punching a woman and walking away is not a good method and it is actually a crime.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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