Armed DAPL Mercenary Arrested For Domestic Violence, Illegal Weapons, and Meth

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Do you remember the disguised DAPL security guard that terrorized protesters with crazy driving and an AR-15 in October of last year? He was set free at the time because it was only water protectors that he was going after, but now he has been arrested on several unrelated charges.

HPR reported Kyle James Thompson, 30, was arrested Monday for simple assault domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon, and for possession of schedule I, II, and III drug paraphernalia, according to the Burleigh County arrest records. By Wednesday afternoon the domestic abuse charge was dropped, leaving two Class A misdemeanor charges: carrying a concealed firearm in his vehicle, and possessing drug paraphernalia, namely syringes and spoons, to consume methamphetamine, according to the Burleigh County Clerk of Court.

Bismarck Municipal Court Judge William Severin sentenced him to two days in jail for the simple assault charge. He received a deferred imposition of sentence from South Central District Judge Bruce Romanick on the weapon and meth paraphernalia charges, meaning if he stays out of trouble for a year the cases will be dismissed, according to The Bismarck Tribune.

The Bismarck Police Department reported that officers pulled Thompson’s vehicle over around 6 p.m. after multiple witnesses reported he was hitting a 21-year-old woman in the car. Police searched the vehicle and found a handgun tucked between the driver’s seat and the center console, as well as a rifle in the backseat. Police also found a zipper pouch containing syringes, spoons, a grinder and a glass smoking device with residue.

“The capped needles field tested positive for methamphetamines,” Bismarck Police Officer David Haswell wrote. “Thompson does not have a concealed carry permit.”


About 6 months ago, Thompson was disguised as a DAPL protester to infiltrate the protests. He was driving like a lunatic so actual water protectors rammed his truck to get him to stop before he ran over people. He then got out with his loaded AR-15 and continued to threaten the protectors as he backed away and ended up in the water.

The water protectors eventually got him calmed down and he was disarmed before he shot anyone.  Interestingly, peaceful protesters faced worse charges than this meth addict armed with an AR-15 who was threatening the peaceful protesters and their families.

Apparently he can just get his cases dismissed if he does not get caught for at least a year.  This does not seem like justice. There are harsher penalties for peacefully protesting than there are for beating a woman and having meth accessories and illegal weapons.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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