16 Million Gallons of Raw Sewage To Be Dumped into Missouri River

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After DAPL protesters were beaten, abused, and pepper sprayed by police for months while trying to protect our water, now the City of St. Joseph, MO is planning to dump raw sewage into the river. You read that right, millions of gallons of human waste will be dumped into a river that supplies drinking water. If you live in an affected area or know anyone who does, then please let them know about this disturbing event so they do not get in the river around that time.

Starting Tuesday, the City of St. Joseph, about 45 minutes north of Kansas City, will put about 16 million gallons worth of untreated wastewater into the river according to KMOV.

“Nasty. It doesn’t make me want to be around it. It’s going to be sewage. It’s disgusting,” said Hannah Brass.

The City of St. Joseph says it is part of  improvements being made to the wastewater treatment operation, and they are doing this in order to replace a gate at the treatment plant.

Officials claim the wastewater is diluted with water from the river and streams, so there should be no impact on downriver communities. But that assurance does not satisfy many people, especially those who live downstream.

“It is near my home. I have little siblings that play by the river, just knowing it’s so close and it could smell,” said Cassidy Winters.

“I don’t know if I want my kids being close to the river when we come down. We might have to find a new place,” Lindi Weier added.

The wastewater is expected to be dumped into the Missouri River over the course of two days. It is not known how long the human waste will take to get to the St Charles and St. Louis area after it travels through Kansas City.

Please help spread the word of this disgusting action so people can stay safe and not swim in human waste!

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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