U.N. Investigator Says DAPL Law Enforcement Violated Native American Rights

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We previously reported on the UN denouncing DAPL related human rights violations, sadistic police locking protesters in dog kennels, and abuse of free assembly rights. As well as the myriad of articles on police brutality towards the protesters.

Now, another investigator with the United Nations says the rights of Native Americans in North Dakota are not being respected by the state.

KVRR reported Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, U.N.’s special investigator on the rights of indigenous peoples. visited Dakota Access protest camps in Morton County.

She says authorities used unnecessary force and that the reports of the cleanup in the county have been blown out of proportion.

She also says the Standing Rock Sioux tribe was not consulted on major issues.

In contradiction to what has been reported in articles, pictures, and livestreamed videos, Gov. Burgum claims the state is focused on maintaining peace, protecting the environment and restoring a good relationship with the tribe.

Check here for some of the ridiculous examples of police brutality, what many would call state sponsored terrorism, against unarmed peaceful protesters.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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