These 11 US Presidents Smoked Marijuana


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We’ve all heard plenty about how our last few presidents smoked marijuana at some point in their lives.  Some tried to convince us that they never inhaled, but they really weren’t fooling anyone.  With a little research, however, you’ll find that many of our heads of state partook in puffing.  Here is a list of the presidential tokers:


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#44 – Barack Obama: In his book, president Obama wrote about his cocaine and marijuana use as a youth in Hawaii and famously said, “When I was a kid, I inhaled, frequently. That was the point,” when running for president in 2008.

#43 – George W. Bush:  It is known that W. was cocaine user in his youth, but he was quiet about his marijuana use. He did later tell his biographer, “I wouldn’t answer the marijuana questions. You know why? Because I don’t want some little kid doing what I tried.”

#42 – Bill Clinton: Clinton once said, “When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t inhale and never tried it again,” when asked about his marijuana use. Though he has been known to stray from the truth on personal matters.

#35 – John F. Kennedy: “John F. Kennedy: A Biography”, described the following scene: “On the evening of July 16, 1962, according to [Washington Post executive] Jim Truitt, Kennedy and Mary Meyer smoked marijuana together. … The president smoked three of the six joints Mary brought to him. At first, he felt no effects. Then he closed his eyes and refused a fourth joint. ‘Suppose the Russians did something now,’ he said.”


As there is not much historical evidence for the earlier presidents, the following founding fathers’ use of weed is based more on speculation:

#14 – Franklin Pierce: While fighting in the Mexican-American War, Pierce wrote in a letter to his family, that marijuana smoking was “about the only good thing” about the war.

#12 – Zachary Taylor: Taylor also enjoyed smoking marijuana along-side the troops.

#7 – Andrew Jackson: Another military man who also enjoyed smoking while at war.

#5 – James Monroe:  Openly smoked hashish while he was Ambassador to France and continued smoking it until his death at age 73.

#4 – James Madison:  The “Father of the Constitution” claimed that hemp gave him the insight to create a new democratic nation.

#3 – Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson, a hemp farmer, was Ambassador to France during their hashish era.  he apparently smuggled hemp seeds from China known for their potency to America.  ‘

#1 – George Washington: High Times claims, “The father of our country kept meticulous diaries, wherein he noted “Sowed hemp at muddy hole by swamp” away from the hemp he grew for fiber.  There is also some indication he used hemp preparations to deal with his toothaches.”

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