Street Artist Creates Breathtaking Murals To Highlight Destruction Of Bee Colonies [Photos]

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Bees are dying off rapidly and it seems to be mostly because of human activities, especially pesticides for GMO crops.

Many people have not paid close enough attention to the reality of the situation and have no idea how big an impact the disappearance of bees would have on their lives.

It would not just be no honey anymore, it would be the end of food as we know it since bees are a huge pollinator or food crops from broccoli to cherries.

The main factors that contribute to the rapidly decreasing number of bees are the use of pesticides, major habitat loss, and climate change. All of these are caused by humans, but there are still ways to help that might seem minor but can make a major difference for bees. One such way is to raise awareness about the plight of their populations, which is exactly what street artist Louis Masai Michel from London is doing through the beautiful murals he creates.

True Activist reported on these amazing pictures from the street artist: Please enjoy the photos and share to spread awareness of the unfortunate reality for bees that we need to fix.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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