#NoDAPL Mural Vandalized: Activists Call It A Hate Crime

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If the activists and water protectors of Standing Rock have not endured enough over the past few months in their battle the stop the Dakota Access Pipeline- now the arts community in Las Vegas has been left reeling over the graffiti and vandalism of a mural depicting the current battle to save their land and waterways in North and South Dakota. The faces of Native American’s were defaced with graffiti and activist are calling for the incident to be investigated as a hate crime.

As reported by ABC Action News:

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – The downtown arts community is in pain after they discovered a cherished mural vandalized near Charleston Boulevard and Main Street.

The painting depicts the battle currently going on in Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North and South Dakota. For months, the indigenous people there have been fighting against a proposed pipeline that would cut across their land. The graffiti covers the mural’s Native American faces.

Activists here in the valley are calling the vandalism a hate crime.

“I screamed and I cried,” said Fawn Douglas, an indigenous person and Standing Rock activist. “It’s awful because I don’t know what these people are doing or why this person did this. What did I do to you? What did my people do to you?”

The artists who created the mural are planning to paint over the graffiti. If you’d like to donate money to help pay for supplies, click here.

Do you think the vandalism should be investigated as a hate crime, or do you think activists are crying foul over a petty matter? Join the discussion in the comments section below.

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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