Michigan Police Claim 83-Year-Old Man Assaulted Them, But Refuse To Release Dash Cam Video

Police Brutality

Michigan police claim an 83-year-old man assaulted them on St. Patrick’s Day, making them fear for their safety, so they had no choice but to unleash a preemptive attack that sent him to the hospital after slamming him to the ground, breaking his nose and his arm.

Strangely, they have refused to release the dash cam video that would prove their allegations against Larry Sevenski, if they are actually telling the truth.

The officers are not under investigation for using excessive force against Sevenski.

Sevenski is now facing two years in prison for the felony charge of assaulting a police officer in addition to charges of obstruction and resisting arrest, reported 9&10 News.

The incident took place on March 17 after Sevenski, the owner of a popular bar, was informed by customers that two Michigan state troopers were parked across the street from the bar, watching patrons coming and going.

Sevenski, who has owned Larry’s Seven-Ski Inn, for 50 years, decided to go talk to the cops to see if there was a problem, so he got into his car and drove across U.S. 131 in Antrim.

However, the cops said he failed to use his signal when making a u-turn and pulled him over.

They also said when they pulled him over, Sevenski stepped out of his car and walked towards them. They say he also “clenched and cocked his fist,” striking fear in their hearts.

When they told him to back up, they said he told them he wished he had a weapon, striking even more fear in their hearts, which is when they pounced on him.

“The next thing I know, I was on the ground,” Sevenski told 9&10 News from his hospital bed.

“They handcuffed me, and they hurt very bad because I have a reversed shoulder and I can’t put my arm behind my body,” explains Sevenski. “Everybody’s worried about me. I’ve been worried about me, too. Just don’t know what I did wrong.”

Lt. Harris said, “If he would have complied with the orders of the trooper, got back in the car and not become aggressive and assaultive, he would not have ended up on the ground.”

Charges were not filed against Sevenski until Wednesday, almost two weeks after the incident, according to Up North Live.

Several media agencies have requested the dash cam video, but those requests have been denied.

The officer’s defensive tactics training was able to save him from the claimed potential assault of an 83 year old man. His preemptive attack allowed him to throw an old man to the ground, breaking his arm and nose.

“The trooper felt that he was about ready to punch him, and at that point took him to the ground using a defensive tactics technique,” said Lt. Mark Harris of the Michigan State Police.

Lt. Harris from the Michigan State Police Gaylord Post said the troopers involved are not being investigated for using too much force.

“Based upon the fact that we’ve reviewed this matter with my client, Mr. Stevenski, he maintains his innocence and we vehemently look forward to providing with him with a proper defense and exonerating him,” said Rick Steiger, one of Sevenski’s two attorneys.

Sevenski was released from jail on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond. He is due back in court April 5.

The courtroom was full of people supporting Sevenski during Wednesday’s hearing with some holding signs saying “Free Larry.”
(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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