Bronx Man Accidentally Shoot Himself And Blamed it on an Imaginary Black Man

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In an incident that seems too strange to be true- a man who accidentally shot himself in the stomach in a Bronx park blamed the whole gaffe on an imaginary black man. It would seem that even imaginary black men can’t catch a break. “When under suspicion or in trouble, just use a tactic as old as Methuselah—blame a black guy. Racism makes the explanation plausible, and even chief executives do it.” 

As Rocco Parascandola for NY Daily News writes:

Cops arrested 20-year-old Arthur Palombo on Thursday, after seeing through his lies and determining the gunshot he suffered near the tennis courts inside Williamsbridge Oval Park off of W. 208th St. and Bainbridge Ave. in Norwood Wednesday was self-inflicted.

Palombo accidentally shot himself in the left side of the stomach about 10:45 p.m., police said. The bullet exited his left flank.

First responders took him to Jacobi Medical Center.

He told investigators he went to the park to show an old revolver he had in his apartment to a potential buyer he had met a few weeks earlier.

The buyer, however, shot down the $100 asking price and shot him with the piece as they haggled over the price, he claimed.

Instead of admitting to the fact he shot himself, most likely to avoid charges of irresponsible discharge of a weapon, or possession charges- the thought of the most plausible and believable story he thought the police would buy- blame it on a black thug.

When pressed, Palombo, who is Hispanic, described the shooter as a black man with a bald head.

Cops searched the park and found the revolver.

When Palombo was released from the hospital, he was questioned by detectives again, this time admitting he was by himself and the gun went off accidentally in his jacket pocket.

Prosecutors charged him with weapons possession and filing a false report.

A judge ordered him held on $10,000 bail during his arraignment Friday, officials said.

Why do you think Palombo’s first go-to was to blame a black man? While it may seem innocuous, the underlying message that his actions reveal is that people and police have a strong bias towards black men believing that they have a penchant for crime. This is how racial profiling is perpetuated and stays alive.What are your thoughts on the matter? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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  1. He was doing his part to make America great again. A time in America’s history; when everything that was bad could be blamed on African Americans.

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