1782: Village Of Moravian Delaware Indians Massacred


This 1855 lithograph shows the Gnadenhutten Massacre of the Moravian Delaware Indians. It is from the 1855 volume Historical Collections of the Great West.

Source: Indian Country Media Nework

Today marks the 235th anniversary of the Gnadenhutten Massacre of the Moravian Delaware Indians. It was on this day, 235 years ago, that 96 Christian Indians were massacred in the small Moravian Delaware Indian village of Gnadenhuttten, Ohio. The remains of these 96 Christian Indians lay exposed to the forest animals and the weather for over 15 years before being piled in a mass grave called the Burial Mound for the Christian Indian Martyrs.

The year was 1782. On this bitter cold day in March, a group of nearly 100 Moravian Delaware Indians were working in the fields, gathering the corn they were forced to abandon during the previous year’s harvest.

Out of the woods and through the snow came a large group of colonial militiamen on horseback. As the startled Indians watched them approach, the leader of the militiamen gave a friendly hailing gesture.

This 35-foot monument at the Gnadenhutten Massacre Site was erected to honor the 96 slain Moravian Delaware Indians.

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