White Supremacist Plotting Dylann Roof-Style Attack Arrested In FBI Sting

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Another white supremacist feels emboldened during the racist rhetoric period of the Trump era. This is the second consecutive year the U.S. has reported an increase in hate groups, mostly white supremacist groups.

FBI agents arrested a 29-year-old white supremacist from South Carolina for plotting a Dylann Roof style terrorist attack.

The Hufington Post reported on some other logistical problems he had along the way: his mother wouldn’t let him use her cellphone, and he had to borrow money from his grandfather to buy a weapon from the undercover FBI agent he thought was a member of the Aryan Nations.

The FBI on Wednesday arrested Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell of Conway, South Carolina, in the parking lot of a Hampton Inn in Myrtle Beach after he purchased a disabled Glock and hollow point ammunition from an undercover federal agent for $109.

The Post said the he has been charged with posession of a firearm, which is illegal since he is a felon.

As of Thursday, McDowell has been charged with possessing a firearm as a felon. The Horry County Police Department told the FBI that McDowell had “established White Supremacy Extremist connections while serving prison sentences in South Carolina for various criminal offenses,” according to an affidavit from FBI Special Agent Grant Lowe that was filed in federal court.

McDowell, who has several white supremacist tattoos, reportedly floated the idea of attacking the Temple Emanu-El in Myrtle Beach in a message sent on Facebook the day after Christmas. Later, on Jan. 5, McDowell made a lengthy post on Facebook filled with errors and vulgarities ― some of which appear below ― that may have brought him to the attention of authorities.

McDowell showed off his low IQ, which is common among racists, in his rants glorifying the terrorist Dylann Roof.

In the largely incoherent post, McDowell complained about white supremacists who only have tattoos but “don’t give a fuck about their white race” and only want to “stay loaded on drugs” he believed were brought in by “the Jews.” He complained about “white people running their fucking mouth not doing nothing” and didn’t have “the heart to fight for Yahweh like dylann roof did.”

The FBI started their sting shortly after the Facebook post slamming the mundane racist who just wants to shout about white power.

Shortly after that post, it appears the FBI began the sting that eventually nabbed McDowell. McDowell met the undercover FBI agent on Jan. 12, when the agent was posing as a white supremacist who “handled problems for the Aryan Nations,” according to the FBI affidavit. McDowell brought marijuana with him to the meeting, but the undercover agent asked him not to smoke it. The agent told McDowell that he had to make sure that their connection stayed secret, and that whatever McDowell planned to do “doesn’t come back to me.”

McDowell “voiced apparent frustration with other white supremacists, stating that screaming ‘white power’ was not getting the job done,” according to the FBI.

“I got the heart to do that shit, but I don’t have the good training,” McDowell allegedly told the undercover agent. “I seen what Dylann Roof did and in my heart I reckon I got a little bit of hatred and I … I want to do that shit. Like, I got desire … not for nobody else … it just … I want something where I can say, ‘I fucking did that’ … me personally.”

“If I could do something on a fucking big scale and write on the fucking building or whatever, ‘In the spirit of Dylann Roof,’” McDowell allegedly said. At that point, McDowell had not settled on a target for his attack.

Dylan again took to Facebook to praise Roof on Jan 25, “I wish the day we all get off Facebook and white Warriors like we was born to be like Dylan roof but we gotta do it in a smart [way].”

McDowell seemed unable to plan very well and on Feb 11 he used his mom’s landline to call the undercover FBI agent to ask him for a ride to his grandfather’s to borrow money for a gun and ammunition.

He was arrested in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn shortly after the transaction occurred.

The Post reported on McDowell’s lengthy criminal past as at least seven arrests in South Carolina since 2007, including for violent second-degree burglary, larceny and third-degree assault and battery.

President Trump’s administration has pretended that far-right extremism in the United States doesn’t really exist, instead talking almost solely about terrorism motivated by “Islamic extremism.”

Contradicting the alternative facts of the Trump administration, a 2015 Department of Homeland Security report stated some federal and local authorities viewed domestic, far-right extremism as a threat equal to or greater than that of Islamic terror groups, CNN reported.

Great work by the FBI in stopping this terrorist wanna be before he was able to copy Roof’s terrorist attack.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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