Water Defender Gunned Down by Cops After Shooting at Pipeline Construction

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On the morning of 2/26 police killed a pipeline resistor in Marion County. From what we have seen thus far, the person who was killed conducted a successful effort to sabotage pipeline construction that morning when he damaged equipment using a rifle at the site of a future compressor station on the edge of the Halpata Tastankai Preserve.

In response, law enforcement agents initiated a chase into Citrus County that ended in him being killed. There has been no evidence that this person posed any threat beyond causing property damage.


Bullet holes in Sabal Trail Pipeline equipment in Marion County

Statements from law enforcement mention of the individual “brandishing a weapon” but provide no evidence of a weapon being aimed or fired at them. If there is dash cam footage of this, it should be provided.


In the meantime, we can only offer our condolences to the friends, family and community of this person.

Source: Sabal Trail Pipeline Resistance

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