This Chart Proves The Drug War Is A Massive Failure

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Since President Nixon declared war or drugs in 1971, people have been scared of having their life destroyed because they want to have a plant. The war on drugs has been a massive failure for the American people and has only succeeded in locking up large quantities of nonviolent people and separating families. The chart below shows the ridiculous amount of money that has been wasted in this futile effort compared to the virtually unchanging drug addiction rates.

Though the drug addiction rate is, essentially, the same as it was in 1970, prison sentences have skyrocketed.  People sit in jail for years, decades and even lifetime sentences for possessing and selling drugs that, many argue, are doing no harm to them reported Minds.

The legalization movement is becoming mainstream, with medical marijuana being legal in 28 states and recreational use legal in 8 states.

Rejecting the fact that the drug war is a failure, the Trump administration has declared its intention to crack down on federal enforcement of marijuana laws. which make all marijuana illegal.

This chart shows the wicked disparity between the cost of the “drug war” and the return on investment.  As you can see, while the drug addiction rate has stayed nearly the same, the cost has multiplied by over 100x, costing us tens of billions of dollars annually.

The chart was created by documentary filmmaker Matt Groff for his new documentary on the drug war called The 1315 Project.

The “war on drugs” has gone too far and needs to end.  Those enforcing it need to admit defeat and find a positive approach to enforce the will of the people. Right now, the will of the people seems to be legalizing marijuana. After all, isn’t the government supposed to be a “government of the people, by the people, for the people?”

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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