Wunderbar! German Parliament Legalises Medical Marijuana with 100% Voting Yes

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Medical marijuana is officially legal in Germany. About time.

The German Parliament (Bundestag) passed the law today, allowing ill patients to receive prescriptions for cannabis products. They voted unanimously with all yes votes.

Previously, you had to have a permit and a serious chronic illness to legally use cannabis. Only about 1,000 people in all of Germany had a pot permit. With the passing of this law, any doctor in Germany can prescribe marijuana. Once the law is implemented in March, German health insurance providers will have to cover the cost of cannabis used to treat pain or lack of appetite when there are no other viable alternatives to offer.

German news Deutsche Welle reports:

Marlene Mortler, the German government’s drug commissioner, had lobbied for the decision to allow patients to buy cannabis from their local pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.

“It’s a great addition for patients who have waited for this a long time,” Mortler said.

Is adult recreational use of marijuana next up for legalization in Germany?

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