White Supremacists Failed to Raise the Mere $125 Needed for Protest Permit

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In Whitefish, Montana, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have been planning an Anti-Jewish protest to coincide with Martin Luther King day after the mother of well-known white supremacist Richard Spencer alleged she was being harassed by Tanya Gersh, a real estate agent whom Spencer said threatened her business. “Plans were previously to march to Gersh’s home, and then changed into a march through town which ended at a memorial park where Anti-Semitic speeches would be presented all the while accompanied by a “representative of Hamas”. Once canceled for “being to cold”, it now seems the protest is put on hold again- as the organizers of the event embarrassingly failed to raise the mere $125 needed for the event permit.
As reported by Sarah Burris for Raw Story:

According to The Flathead Beacon, the City of Whitefish received the application for a march on Second Street from Memorial Park to City Hall. The fee for the permit is $125, but the application had only a $65 money order attached to it. Parades are also required to have a certificate of insurance, which the organizers also did not include.

Andrew Anglin, publisher of “The Daily Stormer,” announced to his readers that the city has refused to issue him a permit and he is speaking with lawyers and the ACLU. While that might be accurate, the framing is a little disingenuous as the permits weren’t denied or refused based on who the participants are, rather an inability to pay the bill.

Anglin says that the march will probably have to be rescheduled for sometime in February.

“We are still reviewing the application but we cannot act on an incomplete application,” Whitefish City Manager Chuck Stearns said last week.

There is still hope that the White Supremacists and White Nationalists of America are either not intelligent enough or organized enough to organize such hate events. (As we previously reported, prejudice is linked to lower IQ, and these individuals seem to be prime examples of such). While the protest planned for January 16th is postponed, here’s hoping something else will cause the protest to be canceled for good.
(Article By Tasha Sharifa)