Tomi Lahren: Assault on White Chicago Teen as Bad as Murder of Nine Black Charleston Worshippers


Famous racist Tomi Lahren is furious that the widely covered and universally condemned attack on a disabled white man is not getting as much media attention or outrage as the mass murder of nine black worshipers in a South Carolina church.
The conservative commentator was angry that police did not immediately describe the incident as a hate crime, although all four suspects were charged with a hate crime and several other felonies after a day-long investigation, according to Travis Gettys of Raw Story.
“Chicago police aren’t sure if it was politically motivated,” Lahren said. “Are you freaking kidding me? This is the definition of a hate crime, and these four sick individuals deserve a seat on death row right next to Dylann Roof.”
The Chicago assailants, were all are black and ages 18 to 24, said “f*ck white people” and “f*ck Donald Trump” as they cut the victim’s hair and clothing with a knife. Knowing nothing else about these assailants, Lahren decides to blame celebrities and rap stars for misguiding them, as well as lack of parental guidance and leadership.
“Times like these, we have to wonder, where are the parents?” Lahren said. “Not just (Wednesday), but when these four were growing up? Because the breakdown of the American family has left young people — especially in the inner cities — with no role models. That’s why they turn to celebrities and rap stars who chant ‘eff Trump’ for guidance and leadership.”
Even though this story received a large amount of media coverage in the U.S. and internationally, Lahren pretends that it was ignored by media because the victim was white. Of course this premise disregards the fact that there were over 1000 hate crimes against minorities in the first month after Trump’s election.
“If the race roles were reversed here, can you imagine the coverage?” Lahren said. “The race of the assailants would be plastered on every deadline from here to Timbuktu, but if it doesn’t fit the race-baiting agenda of the left and their cohorts in the mainstream, it doesn’t quite get the same attention.”
“The case was widely covered in U.S. and international media, and President Barack Obama condemned the attack as “despicable,” but Lahren dismissed those reports with a casual what-if,” Said Gettys.
“If this thing wasn’t paraded on Facebook Live, the mainstream would have likely diluted, dismissed or outright ignored it,” she said. “If it bleeds, it leads — but only if it’s the right color, huh?”
Lahren chooses to mention the Black Lives Matter movement, even though police have no reason to believe these attacks are in any way related to the civil rights movement. At least she does not try to say BLM was behind the attack.
“I can’t and I won’t sit here and say this was a Black Lives Matter-motivated act — we don’t know that,” Lahren said. “I do hope the group comes out and makes it clear these thugs are not what BLM stands for — I hope to see that.”
Deray Mckesson, one of the most prominent activists in the Black Lives Matter movement, tweeted Thursday morning denouncing the Chicago attack.

Watch her rant below:

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)