Happy MLK Day? WikiLeaks: The FBI Letter Sent to Martin Luther King Telling Him to Kill Himself or Face Sex Smear


Today, WikiLeaks made two tweets referencing Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The first was the image above. The uncensored letter the FBI sent to King in 1964 calling for King to commit suicide or else they would release the audio tape included with the letter, apparently a recording of “immoral conduct”.
The second WikiLeaks tweet was of two links: a 17,000 page FBI file on King, which is viewable below, and the court transcript of the assassination trial,  Coretta Scott King vs. Loyd Jowers.

Read on for a copy of the court transcript. It’s important to remember that MLK’s family sued to prove that his assassination was a government conspiracy… and WON. They personally think James Earle Ray is innocent. At the time, Martin Luther King Jr. was speaking about how America was divided by economic class, and not just race when he was assassinated. He wanted an economic package passed to help the nation’s poor, to help undo some of the past wrongs committed by the United States. He wanted affordable housing and full-time jobs with good pay for the nation’s poor. The CIA saw him as anti-capitalist and couldn’t allow such a powerful figure to exist that they had no control over. The use of the lone, deranged gunman is a common tactic used throughout history to carry out these political assassinations.