FDA Documents Admit Vaccines Are Linked To Autism

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In the modern age of medicine. Money and greed has corrupted the minds of many and punished the innocent. Drug companies are in it for the profits not for peace. Vaccines and most of them are responsible for unnecessary terrors and health conditions. 

In fact, most vaccines cause the very symptoms and conditions they claim to treat. It’s scary to think about especially if you have children. Unsurprisingly, children who are treated with these vaccines are the ones who end having outbreaks of the disease they were used for. Vaccines exist nowadays not to prevent disease but to profit off how many they can sell. 

People that allow this to happen and blindly convince others to feel as though they need to get vaccinated are pure evil. The truth will spread and more and more people will become aware of this and there will be justice.
Here is a link to the document admitting to the Tripedia vaccine being linked to multiple disorders including autism.
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(Article From Organic and Healthy)

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