White House On Dakota Pipeline: “Let The Project Go Forward”, Silence About Ongoing Protests



NATIONAL (VFB) — On Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told journalists that President Obama has no intentions of getting involved in the dispute and protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Asked about the possibility of rerouting the pipeline to avoid crossing under key waterways —one of the primary reasons for the protests at Standing Rock and elsewhere— Earnest replied, “The President’s hope is that both sides will sit at the table in a constructive spirit.”

“The President’s view,” he said, was that the Native Tribes would sit down “to resolve these differences as soon as possible to let the project go forward.”

“…Resolve these differences as soon as possible to let the project go forward.” — White House Statement on Dakota Pipeline, Nov. 28, 2016

Pressed by a reporter about taking if Obama might take further actions, “He has no plans to get personally involved at this point?”

Earnest replied, “Uh, at this point I’m not aware of any impending Presidential actions, but if that changes we’ll let you know. Ok?”

Meanwhile, thousands of military Veterans are descending on Cannon Ball, ND this week to bring much needed supplies and stand in solidarity with the so-called “Water Protectors” encamped there.


Despite an “emergency evacuation” order issued last week by ND Gov. Jack Dalrymple, most if not all of the former service-members remain undeterred, and will be arriving on scene over the next several days.


With a potential showdown looming on the horizon, consider this:

We might not agree on the many issues we face as a Nation, but what we absolutely must agree on is that no one should be oppressed through brute force by their own government. Our Government. Our Country. That is why Veterans are traveling to Standing Rock.

(From Vets For Bernie)

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