If You Are Pro-DAPL You Aren't Really A Libertarian, You Are A Republican Who Likes Weed


I didn’t want to write this. I didn’t want to have to write this. But I have seen far too many Libertario-Republicans weighing in, day after day, spreading absolute nonsense about the Dakota Access Pipeline and what they believe the Libertarian “Non-Aggression Principal” has to say about it.
I’m once again up here at the Sacred Stone Camp, located near Cannon Ball, North Dakota on the Standing Rock Reservation. In spite of the title of this article, I do not and never have described myself as a “Libertarian”.
I’m a Green Anarchist, but i’ve been around the “Libertarian” scene since the 1990s.
I’ve seen how it changed with the influx of Republicans who were feeling Ron Paul but we’re attracted to Libertarian ideas before he catered it to them. That’s another story for another day.
What I see today is people saying “Non Aggression Principal” who very much believe in aggressing against oppressed communities, women, and even the land and water that belongs to none of us and all of us.
Before you chime in with the reactionary retorts about DAPL parent Enbridge’s alleged “property rights,” let me break it all down for you…
The government first stole the land in question. Enbridge’s paid disinformation artists have been great at spreading the outright lies that this pipeline is being built on land that was entirely the result of private sales. In short, that’s utter and complete bullshit.
After the initial ethnic cleansing and genocidal land theft by the U.S. government against the First Nations of America, they then made several treaties including the Indian Treaty of 1851 (Fort Laramie Treaty) that acknowledged Sioux rights to ALL of this area in question.
Enbridge forgot to mention that in their “Standing Rock Fact Checker” P.R. sites, didn’t they?
Later, more recently, through eminent domain, the U.S. government stole much of this protected land back under the guise of “flood control”.
The pipeline is 1200 miles long. Very little of that land was paid for from private owners.
On top of that, let’s talk about “property rights,” shall we?
If I live down stream and you live up stream, you do not have property rights to dump oil in the river and tell me just to deal with it. If that is “property rights” then so is me shooting my rifle upstream and the bullets polluting the air of whoever is dumping in the river.
The actual Libertarian Party of North Dakota has said point blank that they respects “the rights of private business and landowners while at the same time we respect the rights of the Standing Rock tribe and their federally granted water rights through treaties with the U.S. Government.”
You get that? This isn’t just about “property rights” or “private business”. Even the mainstream Libertarian Party can see that, but so many individual Libertarians seem unable to.
This is about water rights that were promised by the aggressing U.S. Government. So, when Libertarians talk about the “Non-Aggression Principal” they need to bear in mind that this is not about rights “granted” by the U.S. Government to Native Americans, this was a treaty made with the aggressive party that was later violated by that same party, which has sided with Enbridge.
That means when you side with Enbridge, you have sided with the aggressor. You have sided with ethnic cleansing. You have sided with genocide.
Yes, it’s that real. Cue the crypto-fascists whining about how anyone who speaks about rights for non-white people is an “SJW”. Try to be at least a little less predictable.
What’s next, calling me a “cuck”?
Save it for your ex-Libertarian, Trump-supporting “White Nationalist” pundits who have finally come out of the fascist closet and admitted what they are and have always been (yeah, you know who I’m talking about if you’re in that “Liberty” scene).
What these Republicans in Anarchist clothing really mean is that in the pursuit of their imagined gain and personal profit, do not get in their way or you are “aggressing.” To them, you are the “aggressor” even if they first destroy your home, steal your resources, or marginalize your community to the point that you have no “legitimate” means of making a living but “crime,” ever since their ancestors came in, stole this land, enslaved or massacred hundreds of millions of your ancestors, and then refused to hire you once your freedom was wrenched from their greedy little hands – refused to hire you for jobs in buildings constructed on stolen land that they have only by inheriting through the brutality and violence that obtained them.
That is all their “personal freedoms,” and if you disagree then you “hate liberty.”
In other words, white people have the “liberty” to do as they please to you, and if you in any way resist then you are “aggressing”.
If this is what your “Libertarianism” is, I hate to be the one to tell you (actually, no I don’t), but you are not and never have been a “Libertarian” or any sort of “Anarcho” anything. You are a corporate statist. A Republican who just happens to like weed.
(Article by M. David; image mashup via #Op309 Media)