Man Pulls Gun On Standing Rock Protesters, Runs Them Down With Truck — Cops Fail To Arrest



Native American protesters at Standing Rock just video recorded a truck driver who pulled a gun on protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

The gunman eventually ran some of them over. Meanwhile, police who have been hounding the protesters failed to act.

Watch the video below…

The as-yet-unnamed man can be seen in the video waving his gun around, surrounded by unarmed protesters attempting to block his truck.

The protesters asked the man over and over to put his gun away.

The driver refuses to comply each time, only getting more enraged. The bigot truck driver yelled “This is my way home!”

“Go around! We’re peaceful! We don’t have guns! We love you! We care for you!” they said.

As protesters surrounded the truck, they could be seen with their hands up.

Some dropped to their knees in prayer.

The information on the gunman’s truck indicated that he is employed by the North Dakota-based Four Square Concrete.

The phone number on the truck reads 701-202-2107. When we called the number, the voicemail box said it was full for the time being.

In the video, the man continues to drive forward, until screaming can be heard.

The protesters start screaming “There’s somebody under the car!”

The police who had been hounding the protesters for months were suddenly nowhere to be found.

The man in the truck then ignored the screams and continued to drive forward.

He then ran over another protester’s foot.

“Tweet this out!” the protester filming the incident yelled. “Let everybody know! That man just ran over a peaceful protector, two of them!”

“A concrete truck driver pulled a gun on water protectors while trying to ram his way thru a crowd!” Dallas Goldtooth, a well-known Native American campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network said.

“Our protectors were peacefully marching on a dirt road towards a DAPL operations base. And somehow WE are designated as the violent ones,” he added.

Goldtooth and other protesters explained that the man fired his gun into the air several times that were not caught on video.

(Article by M. David)

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