REPORT: Trump’s Modeling Agency Is A Cover For Human Trafficking



Donald Trump has taken this huge stand against illegal immigration. He has stated that all illegal immigrants need to go home. Yet there have been allegations made that Trump’s own wife violated immigration laws. Now Mother Jones broke the story that Trump’s modeling agency was violating those same immigration laws when they brought young girls to the U.S.

As US Uncut reported:

Three models, one named Rachel Blais and two others who spoke anonymously under the names Kate and Anna, have spoken out against the Trump Model Management Agency for their exploitation and criminal use of young, immigrant models. The charges the three women raise are crimes for which a person can be fined up to $16,000 per employee and up to six months’ jail time.

Models were instructed by the agency on how to get around customs when entering the US to work illegally. The young ladies were told to say they had come to the US “for meetings” and to look for agents, not to work, since working in the United States was illegal under their tourist visas. Anna describes being terrified by this.
“Going through customs for this trip was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life,. It’s hard enough when you’re there perfectly innocently, but when you know you’ve lied on what is essentially a federal document, it’s a whole new world.”
Trump seems to have this attitude that the rules and regulations do not apply to him. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that his modeling agency “found a way” around the laws. Employees of the modeling agency coached these girls on how to lie to get into the U.S. If they said they were “looking” for agents or “looking” to have meeting with agents, this didn’t violate their vacation visas. It is illegal to work on a vacation visa.
Blais explains that models as young as 14 were crammed 11 at a time into two bedrooms in the basement of a New York apartment upon arriving to the United States, for which they were each charged between $1200 and $1600 a month for rent out of their earnings. Similar apartments in the area at the time rented for around $1400 a month, so the Trump Model Management Agency stood to make thousands of dollars in profits from the young girls.

Should the models prove successful, the agency would assist them in applying for a work visa, but the money spent on those visas also came out of their earnings.

“It was very much the case of you earn your visa. Essentially, if you got enough work and they liked you enough, they’d pay for a visa, but you weren’t about to see a dime before you could prove your worth.”


So Donald Trump and his modeling agency trafficked this young girls. They forced them to lie on their visa appications. Once they got state side, they were crammed into apartments and forced to “earn” their work visas. Donald Trump made lots of money off of this child labor.

What is your opinion on this report? Is there anyway Donald Trump is not at fault here?

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(Article by Jaimes Campbell)

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