Ohio SWAT and State Police Deployed To North Dakota To Crack Down On DAPL Pipeline Protesters



On Saturday the 29th of October, it was announced that a platoon of Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers had been deployed to North Dakota.

More punch-clock thugs from Indiana, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming have been already deployed to North Dakota to crush protests against at the environmentally dangerous Dakota Access pipeline

The metaphorical chickens (of war) are coming home to roost. These militarized police and their deployment are an excellent example of the American Empire’s foreign policy coming home.

Police deploy, police bring armored vehicles, police use military surplus equipment, they are often former military.

To quote Radley Balko, author of “Rise of the Warrior Cop”: “If you take a police officer and you arm him like a soldier, and you dress him like a soldier in these battle dress uniforms that police departments are using now, you train him in military tactics, you give him military gear (like tanks and armored personnel carriers), and then you send him out on the street and you tell him that he’s fighting a war (whether it’s a war on drugs, or crime, or terrorism) that’s going to have an effect on his mentality and the way he approaches his job and the way he sees the people he’s supposed to be serving.”

Paramilitary is defined as as “a semi-militarized force whose organizational structure, tactics, training, subculture, and (often) function are similar to those of a professional military, but which is not included as part of a state’s formal armed forces”. 

These militarized police constitute the “standing army” that the Founding Fathers of America warned against.

You can see the battle lines that the police draw against peaceful protestors and CIA style infiltration of the Water Protectors by people such as Kyle Thompson of Knightsbridge Risk Management.

Militarized police forces will enforce the will of corrupt politicians, the words of unjust laws, and manifest the evil of the US government as a tangible force. More and more of these atrocities will occur as the US government uses the hammering and destroying tactics once reserved for the military on the people of the United States.

The United States government does not represent the will of the people. The US government does not represent democracy. It does not honor its treaties with the Indigenous peoples of America. It can be seen in North Dakota that the United States government and its police forces represent the will (and violent drive for wealth) of corporations intent on draining the Earth of life in the name of profits.

(Article by M.R. Anonymous)

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