North Dakota Farmer Makes Crude Discovery: Largest Oil Spill On U.S. Soil



Farmer finds largest oil spill on US soil from his Tioga, North Dakota farm.

Steve Jensen who noticed and smelled the leak on September 29 said: “It had been leaking for awhile.” Jensen also said the oil was gushing from a “perfectly round, quarter-inch hole” with “about 100 pounds pressure.”

Jensen knew that the spill had come from the pipeline that runs under his 1,800 acre wheat farm, carrying oil from the Bakken oil rig formation to a rail facility 45 miles north. By the time the pipeline was sealed it had spilled 20,600–enough oil to fill 3 Olympic size pools, making it the largest spill on US soil.

The Texas-based firm Tesoro Logistics, which owns the 20-year-old pipeline said it will repair and replace the 200-foot section of the pipeline. To make matters worse, it took two weeks for Tesoro officials to tell the public about the catastrophic rupture that ensued in the remote Tioga area. The North Dakota Health Department said that while companies must notify the state of any and all spills but the State does not have to release the information to the public.

How convenient.

“North Dakota and Bakken have become coveted areas for oil executives bent on getting the most extreme and remote fossil fuels out of the ground now that the ‘easy’ reserves are on the decline,” Greenpeace Executive Director Phil Radford said to “As we saw in Mayflower, Arkansas, earlier this year, pipelines spill, and so as long as we let oil companies keep us locked into these forms of extreme fossil fuels, we’ll continue to see spills like these.”

For Jensen, it’s not a simple 2-week job and everything will be fixed and cleaned “I’m not going to be able to farm that land for a few years and they’ll be compensation for sure,” Jensen said, adding that there have been no negotiations with Tesoro Logistics.”That is going to come later. We’re looking at a two to three-year cleanup.”

America’s crack-like addiction to oil is destroying our Nation and it’s water.

Corporations like Tesoro Logistics and their kind who will extract oil from the earth by any means even if it is a detriment to those who live around the pipeline and those in the future who rely on clean water.

The State is in full collusion with big oil. They will hide spills, they will work for the benefit of the oil company donor rather than the constituents who elected them. We have to vote out big oil and fight desperately for new sources of energy.

We need to fight like our lives depend on it, because it does.

(Article by Jafari Tishomingo)


  1. Tioga residents and areas north imagine some oil potential do they have?
    in this image is marked rock circuit that are oil-generating.

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  2. Don’t hold your breath on that compensation, Mr. Jensen.

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