Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Little Girl At His Rally and It Was Super Creepy


Donald Trump acts like he loves kids, at least in front of a crowd at his rally. He also is known for looking at a juvenile girl and saying he would be dating her in 10 years.

In the video below you can see Trump going out of his way to bring a little black girl up on stage and awkwardly try to kiss her on the lips as she instinctively turns away.

Considering the numerous allegations against Trump for sexual assault and saying inappropriate things about children, the question you are probably asking yourself is, “Why would someone allow Trump to hold their little girl and allow him to kiss her?”
Trump would probably be a little less scary to children and women if he did not try to kiss them on the mouth, especially after being caught on video saying he likes to kiss women without waiting for consent.
Trump-its too late for you to make a name for yourself as a child loving (in an appropriate way) nice guy.  The videos, conversations, and allegations from your past have already made you known as a sexual predator.
(Article by Jeremiah Jones)