Outrage As Brock Turner Launches Speaking Tour on "Drinking and Promiscuity"


Stanford rapist Brock Turner continues to make headlines- and as usual  as with every other time his name rears its ugly head in the news, it is highlighting his seedy nature,  his continuation to victim blame, and denial of taking responsibility for his actions. Turner and his family are now toying with idea on how monetize the whole ordeal by having Brock host talks on college campuses across the country highlighting the dangers of “Party Culture”, alcohol use, and promiscuity.
Lindsey Ellefson of Mediaite writes:

Maybe you’ve heard of Brock Turner. He is the felon convicted of sexual assault who recently got sprung from his already-lenient prison sentence after serving only three months of it. Pretty much everyone is outraged by this except for his parents. His mom acted as a human shield when the press tried to take his photo the other day and his father penned a letter to the judge in his case that whined about how sad it was that his beloved child couldn’t enjoy a steak dinner since being tried for sexual assault after being found on top of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. His father called that “20 minutes of action” and agrees with his son that alcohol was to blame for his actions.
Note that millions of people are capable of drinking alcohol without raping or sexually assaulting someone.
Still, it looks like Turner’s belief that his and his victim’s consumption of alcohol is to blame for his behavior is something he may be looking to monetize. There was talk during the trial of him launching a speaking tour during which he would visit high schools and give lectures on “drinking and promiscuity,” and now that idea is back in the spotlight.

Today, an open letter went up on Huffington Post that demands an apology from the felon. Ruth Starkman — who teaches at the university where the assault took place, Stanford — penned the piece, “Until Brock Turner Apologizes, He Should Not Be Allowed To Speak On Campuses.” In it, she passionately argued against his defense of “himself by faulting others and using alcohol as an excuse for his actions.”

“Any campus appearance must be conditioned on his taking full responsibility for his actions, apologizing to the victim, and condemning sexual assault,” she asserted.
She’s not alone in believing that he has placed the blame everywhere but where it belongs.

Brock Turner giving talks on campuses about alcohol use imply that the actions of his victim someone had anything to do with what happened.
She was unconscious, so consent could not be acquired at any point during his assault on her. Drunk or not, it was the result of his own poor judgement to attack her as he did.
Any other implication is akin to victim blaming. As others mentioned, with the focus being on Turner giving the talks about the consequences of “party culture” highlights how rape culture still places sole on women to avoid getting raped, as opposed to spreading the message that men should not rape and that there are dire consequences for men who do.
Schools considering to allow Turner to address their student body should instead consider inviting an actual survivor of sexual assault.
(Article By Tasha Sharifa)