Outraged Archaeological Experts Demand Criminal Prosecution Against DAPL Corporation, After Deliberate Destruction of Sacred Site At Standing Rock



Isn’t that cute? We protested one pipeline, and now we’re getting two.

But while Obama is paving the way for the two new oil pipelines, the Natural History Museum turns in a petition with 1,281 signatures against Big Oil and Big Government.

In the court ruling that was handed down before President Obama halted construction in North Dakota, Obama-appointed federal judge James Boasberg concluded that there was not enough evidence of the Dakota Access Pipeline destroying or endangering Native American cultural sites to warrant a cease building order. But these 1,281 archeologists and museum workers state they disagree.

The petition is a plea to the US government “to abide by its laws and to conduct a thorough environmental impact statement and cultural resources survey of the pipeline’s route, with proper consultation with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.”

The petition continued, “We stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and affirm their treaty rights, tribal sovereignty, and the protection of their lands, waters, cultural and sacred sites, and we stand with all those attempting to prevent further irreparable losses.”

Climate change is mentioned in the petition, with an important reminder that American Indians have had little, if anything, to do with creating the toxic world we live in today. “If constructed, this pipeline will continue to encourage oil consumption that causes climate change, all the while harming those populations who contributed little to this crisis.”

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II commented after being informed of the petition, saying “We are grateful to the more than 1,200 historians, archaeologists, historians and museum workers who understand the value of our sacred indigenous sites and artifacts and who stand with us on this issue. The federal government must honor our treaties. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will not stop fighting until our lands, resources, people and sacred sites are permanently protected from the destruction of the pipeline.”

Archambault II made world headlines by appearing in Geneva, in front of the UN Human Rights Council, while Water Protectors in North Dakota are trying to keep their struggle alive at the grassroots level. The Water Protectors are still calling on supporters to fight against Big Oil, by spreading recent news updates via social media, signing petitions like the one presented by the Natural History Museum, and educating members of the community who haven’t yet heard about the struggle.

The petition, and being heard by the UN Human Rights Council, comes at a pivotal time in the fight against DAPL. While it is looking like this pipeline is being scrapped, President Obama has just paved the way for 2 new pipelines to Mexico, and they’re going to be built by the same backers of DAPL.

Isn’t that cute? We protested against one pipeline, and now we’re getting two.

If anything is going to change in the 21st century, we’re going to have to step up our game and keep our eyes on the prize. If they want to play dirty, let’s show ’em how it’s done. Will the Water Protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline shift their focus to the new pipelines? Will you?

(Article by Jafari Tishomingo)

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