Cop Rapes Woman In Front Of New Born Baby, Only Gets Three Years PROBATION



Another Black woman is demanding JUSTICE after she was intimidated and raped by a white officer in her home in front of her infant son, after she called the police for help.

According to Gerren Keith Gaynor of Centric, Maleatra Montanez, 40, is outraged that her attacker, former officer Chester Thompson, 47, was not sentenced to jail time for raping her.

Instead of jail time for raping a woman in distress, the police officer received 3 years probation.

Montanez says Thompson showed up hours after she called the police to report that her daughter was missing following a family dispute. Thompson immediately made sexual advances towards her. He told Montanez she was “pretty,” had a big butt, and that her “lips looked like it can hold…a penis.”

Montanez also reports that Thompson then rubbed his private parts with his hands while he looked at a photo of her when she was younger. He later pulled out his penis and DEMANDED she perform oral sex.

“I noticed on his penis…he had a mark on his testicle and he had a mark on his penis…like a mole or a sore or something,” Montanez recalled.

Gaynor says, “Soon after, Thompson ordered her to get a condom and to turn around and look at her son while he raped her.”

A day after the incident, Montanez went to the hospital and reported it to Syracuse police. Thompson was arrested and criminally charged in March.

In December 2015, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of official misconduct for having sex with Montanez (and another woman in three unrelated incidents) while on duty. He was fired from the police force and sentenced to three years of probation.

Gaynor continues, “He escaped jail time due to a loophole in New York State law that protects police officers from being charged with rape unless the alleged victim expressly says no and refuses. Syracuse assistant district attorney Jeremy Cali has said he believes Montanez was intimidated and scared.”

Montanez filed a $7 million lawsuit against Thompson and the Syracuse Police Department. The suit alleges Thompson had a known history of abuses that should have been reviewed earlier.

Another police officer gets off with NO JAIL TIME after raping a black woman, even demanding her to do it in front of her son. Do you think he would have had the same lack of punishment if his victim was white? Why are cops allowed to continue to commit crimes against minorities and get little to no punishment?

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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