Israel Prepares To Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use



Since the early 1990s, Israeli citizens have been legally using medical marijuana. Now it appears that Israel will finally be legalizing it for everyone to enjoy.

According to The Smoker’s Club, “While America (see: Denver) may soak up the limelight, Israel has been leading the field and pushing the envelope when it comes to marijuana as real medicine, in large part thanks to renowned doctor Raphael Mechoulam‘s world altering discovery of CBD (which stops seizures and is the key to legalization).”

Now, Israel is preparing to join the worldwide group of countries that have or are legalizing marijuana.

The article continues, “The charge for both moderate legalization and decriminalization is led by the newly elected MK Yinon Magal of the Jewish Home party, and while the law might not open up dispensaries in the heart of Jerusalem (that part is unclear), the law would unchain Kosher Kush once and for all. Israeli stoners could smoke in the comfort of their own homes and anyone (not just patients) would be allowed to possess the product:”

Similar bills have been shot down in the past, but legalization activists have high hopes this time, after a group of eight Knesset members from across the political spectrum indicated they would support the budding proposal.

Drug dealing will still remain forbidden under the charter, as will smoking the plant in public, Magal indicated. He modeled his bill on an older one written up by Tamar Zandberg of Meretz, who gave him her blessing.

While such cooperation across the aisle is rare, cannabis appears to have a unique capacity to bridge political differences, bringing together a diverse group of MKs from a variety of parties. [Times of Israel]

With even some orthodox parties no longer opposing it, this bill has a lot of steam and is quickly moving towards being passed. The Smoker’s Club also notes that Israel is discussing relaxing its drug policies for the IDF, the nation’s military which UNANIMOULSY sides with pro-pot legislation

It appears that Israel will be joining the growing list of countries and states to legalize marijuana. They may even be relaxing the drug policies for the IDF!

Maybe now the IDF and Hamas can sit down together, smoke a few bowls, and be friends while having a kosher-halal feast. Isn’t that better than hating and killing each other?

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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