Police Illegally Raid "Masked Anonymous Activists" For RNC Anti-Trump Protest


They had no warrant, and no probable cause. But that didn’t stop local and federal law enforcement from raiding the home of Cleveland area “Anonymous” activists who had been protesting this week at the Republican National Convention.
After being followed around by fleets of uniformed police as well as Secret Service agents, for nothing other than legally having their faces covered at the protest, law enforcement decided that instead of enforcing the law, they would openly violate it with a warrantless search.
Brittany Om tells us “Me and Dan were sleeping.”
Daniel Joseph, Brittany’s boyfriend was infamously tasered by the Cincinnati Police at a protest against police murder of unarmed African Americans.
Daniel’s only crime? Giving a police officer the middle finger.
“Around 9am we woke up to Elyria Ohio police and FBI in our house. One was standing over my bed with his gun pointing at us screaming at us and telling us to get the fuck up! We went on our porch and they had all my friends on the porch and they took me and Dan away from everyone and said that we need to stay away from the RNC.”
Literally, law enforcement told them, “if you don’t want to see us again, stay away from the RNC.”
“They said they had police follow us home last night,” Brittany added.
The activists have said they are undeterred and plan to continue legally exercising their Constitutional rights to free speech outside of the RNC this well.
Watch the video below:

Help SPREAD THE WORD if you support the right of these Anonymous activists to continue protesting at the RNC without having to worry about waking up with guns pointed at their heads while they are in bed.
Is this POLICE STATE repression of free speech really what this country is coming to under the looming potential presidency of Donald Trump?
(Article by M. David; Getty image used for illustrative purposes)