Police Body Cam Footage Proves Cops Shot UNARMED Teen For No Reason



The police have just released the body cam footage of Fresno officers gunning down an innocent, unarmed teen last month, and the footage confirms what many say they already knew – that police had no legitimate reason to pull the trigger on Dylan Noble.

Noble’s confrontation with Fresno police last month has been raising questions the fatal shooting of the clearly unarmed 19-year-old.

But police have maintained that they did nothing wrong.

On June 25, police sources explain they were alerted about a man wearing camouflage, driving a truck, and allegedly carrying a rifle.

Noble, according to police, refused to leave his vehicle.

He instead pulled into a nearby parking lot of a Chevron gas station, and then exited the vehicle, and started walking away from the officers.

Police claim that Noble did not comply with their orders to get on the ground or to put one hand behind his back, in a many they described as “very quickly.”

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says that it was then that the officers believed that Noble might have been reaching for a gun.

But this defense was spurious at best.

There was no gun in sight, and the officers at no time saw anything resembling a firearm of any sort. Nevertheless, they shot him four times.

No gun was found on either Noble’s body or in his vehicle.

A cellphone video surfaced, showing the shooting taken from a distance.

It wasn’t until last Wednesday that camera footage from two of the officers’ chest-mounted body cams was released by police.

That footage tells a very different story.

Charles Pulliam-Moore, writing for Fusion notes that “toward the end of the nearly five-minute clip, the teenager does, in fact, reach behind himself, and shout that he “hates his life,” but his movements do not appear to be anywhere near as quick as the police first reported. He falls to his knees after being shot twice and, as he lay bleeding on the ground, a second officer shoots him two more times with a shotgun.”

“Between the police department’s admission that Noble was unarmed and the new footage of officers continuing to fire, even after he had fallen to the ground, have renewed questions about whether the police were justified in using deadly force against Noble,” Pulliam-Moore adds.

“Were the last two rounds fired by the officers necessary? Based on a reasonable fear, did the officers have to use deadly force? I do not have the answer to that today,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said in interviews with reporters Wednesday. “That video was extremely disturbing to watch.” Both officers involved in the shooting have been placed on leave.

Many protesters noted the irony that there was no “All Lives Matter” protest organized for Noble, by critics of the Black Lives Matter hashtag and movement.

Earlier last week, Noble’s mother, Veronica Nelson, made headlines locally when she filed a legal claim against the city of Fresno. “She stated that the police killing her son caused her substantial emotional distress,” Pulliam-Moore notes.

“The officers never had an objectively reasonable basis to shoot Dylan Noble,” the complaint explains. “At no time did they use or attempt to use their K-9. At no time did they use or attempt to use a TASER.”

Clearly there was no reason for police to pull the trigger – and yet they did.

Darren Noble, Dylan’s father, commented to The Guardian, that Fresno police were “trigger happy,”.

“I don’t want no riot. I don’t want anybody else hurt. Nothing they do can bring my kid back, but I want those cops to pay,” Noble said. “I won’t be satisfied until they go up on murder charges. They should be held [responsible] like anybody else who killed an innocent kid.”

(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)

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