Police Cruelly Leave Man With BROKEN NECK On Floor of Jail Cell To Die, Claiming He’s “Faking It”



For 5 days, Elliot Williams, a 37 year old veteran, had explained to guards in the Tulsa County jail that he could not move anything below his neck.

Shaun King writes the following for the New York Daily News:

Elliott Earl Williams, a 37-year-old veteran who was critically injured and mentally ill, should’ve never been taken to an Oklahoma jail on Oct. 21, 2011.

In fact, every local jail in America is woefully unprepared to handle men, women or children with severe mental illnesses or critical injuries. In instance after instance when those who are battling hardships are taken to jails instead of hospitals, criminal abuse, negligence and death are too often the result. Guards, who often lack college educations but who can slam doors shut with the best of them, are a bad excuse for doctors, nurses or mental health counselors.

But we already knew this. Here we are, though — stuck in an endless cycle in which African Americans like Natasha McKenna, Jamaycheal Mitchell, Sandra Bland, Gynnya McMillen and Elliott Williams were taken to local jails alive and came out in body bags because of the inhumane indifference to their well-being.

As it turned out, his neck was broken. But the guards did not believe him. So he cried, screamed, and could not move for days on end.

Watch his feet in this video!

Finally, they took him to this cell that had a camera in it. They tossed water on him, while he continued to beg them to get him help.

For hours on end, his feet don’t move even an inch. That’s because they can’t.

They continue to yell at him that he’s faking it. Then they leave him until he dies here in the video.

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(Article by M. David)

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