Trump Tells Police To Remove Black Man From Rally Who Was There To Listen To Candidate



Is it a crime to be black at a Donald Trump rally? The Republican frontrunner seems to think so. Trump told police to remove two African American men who had come to his rally to heard his side of things.

The right to protest is protected by the Constitution of the United States, but even when opponents of Donald Trump buy tickets to his events, they are being violently ejected, even they they do not speak a word.

Simply being a group of African Americans has been enough to get people removed from Trump events.

The “right” to punch someone in the face for saying something you don’t like is NOT, Constitutionally protected, nor is it legal.

So why did the police just allow a ‪Trump‬ supporter to punch a protester in the face and then arrest the protester?

A violent supporter of Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump was caught on video sucker-punching an African American man in the face at a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday. Thanks to social media making the video go viral, he has just been charged.

The video recorded a Caucasian man in a cowboy hat punching an unsuspecting African American man during Trump’s rallying in Fayetteville.

The victim was later identified as Rakeem Jones. He said that he was not just punched, but called racial slurs by the violent Trump supporter, and others around him.

Now, thanks to someone who was filming the police arrest of the protester, local WRAL reports that 78-year-old John McGraw of Linden, North Carolina has just been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Watch video of the assault below…

Cops Let Donald Trump Supporter Brutally BEAT Protester, Then …

The right to PROTEST is protected by the Constitution of the United States. But the "right" to punch someone in the face for saying something you don't like is NOT. So why did they police allow a #DonaldTrump supporter to punch a protester in the face and then ARREST THE PROTESTER!?Watch the video and SPREAD THE WORD so we can hold these RACIST COPS accountable for their SELECTIVE JUSTICE!Follow >> (Y) Counter Current News for the latest!

Posted by Counter Current News on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rakeem explains that he and his friend Ronny Rouse, who took the video, had been ejected for nothing other than their appearances. They did not say a single word at the rally before being detained and escorted out by police.

This is quite disturbing and indicates not only that the Republican frontrunner is ejecting people from his rallies based on race, but that the police are actually colluding with him, in violation of the law.

Is it now a crime to be black at a Trump rally?

Remember that filming the police is not just your right, it is something that could save a life, or help convict criminals that the police are giving a free pass to because of shared politics!

(Article by M. David)

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