Trump Follower Sets Mosque On Fire, Nearly Kills Three – Prosecutor Sets Bail Ridiculously Low



Three Muslim-American citizens have been taken into a Kansas hospital, where they are listed in critical condition after a follower of Donald Trump set fire to their mosque during afternoon prayers.

The arsonist, Jonathan Greensboro, is a 49-year-old resident of Bristol. Police say he was arrested early Monday morning just after they uncovered evidence linking him to the hate crime.

Associated Media Coverage explains that Greensboro, referenced as a “loner” with “far-out political ideas” by his people in his neighborhood, “matches the description of a middle-aged Caucasian man wearing dark blue jeans, a black hooded sweatshirt and black baseball cap captured on security footage,” according to Amanda Froelich of True Activist. “In addition, a duffel bag containing those clothes was found by police in his pickup truck.”

According to the time-stamp on the security camera belonging to a nearby liquor store, the accused can be seen exiting the mosque at approximately 1:31 PM.

Shortly after the man on the film left the mosque, flames and smoke could be seen through the house of worship’s front door. At the time of the arson, seven Muslim-American citizens were praying inside. Sadly, by the time they realized the mosque was on fire, the foyer was engulfed in flames.

The individuals had moments to try and make their way outside, but their options were limited due to the mosque’s front (and only) door. Three men were immediately engulfed in flames and trapped under debris for approximately 7 minutes until emergency fire and rescue teams arrived on scene. Authorities relay that the anonymous men were rushed to the hospital, but are still in critical condition.

After Greensboro had been taken into custody, he initially claimed he was innocent. But then he followed with a disturbing message that “Trump will pardon me once he’s president” and “I’m not saying I did anything, but sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet”.

One neighbor of Greensboro noted that “he’s always given her the creeps.” She told local reporters that “He always gave me the creeps, I cringed every time he peeled out of his driveway in his pickup truck with the giant ‘Trump 2016’ sticker on the rear window”.

We were informed that Greensboro’s bail has been set at $100,000, which means he can be bonded out for only $10,000. Does this seem like what the bail should be for a suspected terrorist?

Froelich rightly notes that “There is a reason the collective hacktivist group Anonymous declared war on Donald Trump, the fear-mongering Republican presidential candidate nominee. America can not be made great through division and hatred; unity through acceptance and collaboration will be what sets the nation free from corporate enslavement and ignorance.”

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